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Duratio is a calculator for time expressions. Intended use cases are:

  • Finding out current times in other places
  • Correlating times in different zones with each other
  • Calculating time spans and durations for scheduling, time-sheets and similar

The output is usually in ISO 8601 format. The parsing tries to be slightly cleverer, but basically sticks to ISO 8601 text formats. No major effort has been put into trying to understand all variants of date formats, but major pain points have hopefully been addressed (such as accepting AM/PM time designations).

The following section contains a set of examples which I hope explains the syntax well enough.


A simple time sheet calculation
Minus can be used instead of 'until'
What is the current time?
Converting between time units
Simple math (performed with 9 decimal precision
Shifting dates
Next day of week
What is the current time in Lisbon?
What about in PST?
And in offset hours
I was born in Brisbane. I wonder what time that was here in New York.
Interesting. By the way, how long ago was that?
Hmm, better get that in readable units
Ok, that is in average months and days, but how about in actual days?
Unix time calculation
Unix time calculation in milliseconds
A bit more complex expression without any good use-case :)